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2015 Council Works

This year the National Transport Authority (NTA), Fingal County Council (FCC) and Dublin City Council (DCC) will be allocating €2.58m for the Programme of Works 2015. This is a significant increase in recent years and will result in much work being done in our community this year, most notably in footpath repair, road re surfacing, new lighting, Traffic management, parks and more. The details of which are below.

Footpath repairs:

Extensive footpath repair will be taking place in Blanchardstown, Castleknock, Clonsilla, Corduff/Sheephill, Hartstown/Huntstown, Mountview/Blakestown, Mulhuddart, Strawberry Beds and Tyrrelstown. The total allocation for these works is €466,000. In 2014 this figure was €170,000. In 2013 in was zero.  Area breakdown as follows:

€159,000 for repairs at:

·        Blanchardstown Main Street – footpath repairs

·        Clonsilla Road/Coolmine Mews – footpath repairs

·        Clonsilla Road/Credit Union – footpath repairs

·        Glenville/Delwood and Roselawn – footpath repairs

·        Laurel Lodge area– footpath repairs

·        Park Avenue/Park Drive/Castleknock Lodge – footpath repairs

·        Phoenix/Deerpark Area – footpath repairs

·        Beechpark Avenue, Castleknock Educate Together – footpath link

·        Castleknock Road (Castleknock Cottages) –drainage

·        River Road Cottages (R102) – surface texture treatment

€65,000 for footpath repairs at Clonsilla:

·        Clonsilla Road/Clonsilla Village

·        Porters Gate

·        Beechpark to Clonsilla Train Station

€75,000 for repairs at Corduff/Sheephill:

·        Corduff Estates – footpath

·        Sheephill – footpath

·        Blanchardstown Road North – cycle track repairs

€78,000 for works at Hartstown/Huntstown:

·        Inglewood – footpath repairs

·        Meadow/Beechwood and Cherryfield – footpath repairs

·        Huntstown Court – footpath repairs

·        Ashfield – footpath repairs

·        Cherryfield Lawn – access treatment/road patching

·        Briarwood – footpath repairs and patching

€20,000 footpath repairs at Mountview/Blakestown:

·        Fortlawn/Sheepmoor/Whitestown

€30,000 works at Mulhuddart:

·        Dromheath – footpath repairs

·        Church Road – footpath repairs

·        Mulhuddart Wood – footpath repairs

·        Village Heights – road patching/resurfacing


Road resurfacing/maintenance:

FCC has allocated €700,000 to roads and either resurfacing or maintenance will take place at:

·        Ladyswell Road, Mulhuddart

·        Blackcourt Road, Corduff

·        Luttrellstown Road

·        Castleknock Avenue, Vale (Scoil Thomais) and Rise

·        Oakview Estate

·        Lohunda Downs Road at Mountview Shops  


Public Lighting:

€50,000 has been assigned to install much needed lighting at:

·        Tir na nÓg Park (Diswellstown)

·        Dunsandle Grove (pedestrian link to Castleknock Road)

·        Castlecurragh Heath

·         Luttrellstown Road/Somerton Road

·        The upgrade of lights at Castleknock Road (Auburn Ave – Park gates)


Traffic management schemes:

This will cost €150,000 and will cover:

·        Pedestrian Crossings at St. Catherine’s Park (R121 Lucan Clonee Road) – €30,000

·        Luttrellstown Road (GAA pitches off Somerton)  - €35,000

·        Ongar (Ongar/Barnwell roundabout -train station and school) - €35,000

·        It will also cover traffic calming at Carpenterstown (eEast side of Carpenterstown Road Roundabout at the shops) -€35,000

·        Implementation of one-way system at Strawberry Beds (Rugged Lane and Somerton Lane) – €15,000 (subject to public consultation)



An allocation of €530,000 has been assigned for a variety of works in the following parks:

·        Millennium Park €50,000 to include:

o        restoration of Walled Garden and repair of stone work

o        installation of new signage and kerbing to entrances

o        continue improvement of woodland walks

o        reinforcement of events area to facilitate funfair, ice rink etc.

·        Tolka Valley Park €30,000 to include:

o        renewal of boardwalks

o        repair of various entrances

·        Hartstown Park €50,000 to include:

o        continue installation of exercise equipment

o        provision of seating and signage

o        entrance improvements

·        Tyrrelstown Park €250,000 to include:

o         construct playground and teenage area

·        Commence construction of 2 soccer, 2 GAA and 1 cricket pitch

o        Install signage

·        Ladyswell Park €30,000 to include:

o        complete new entrance and carpark at Church Road

o        provide further planting and signage

·        St. Catherine’s Park €50,000 to include:

o        further develop woodland walks

o        improve signage throughout

o        boundary treatment to northern and western boundaries

o        extend playground      

·        Playing Pitch improvements €45,000 to carry out annual drainage and surface improvements to over 50 playing pitches.

·        Mulhuddart cemetery €25,000 to complete extension (planting and pathways) and complete area for interring of ashes.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has allocated €583,000 in its Works Programme for the following:

·        Liffey Quays Cycle Route – €150,000

o        Preliminary design and planning for this high quality east west city centre cycle route linking 3 Arena in the east with Heuston Station and the Phoenix Park in the west

·        Royal Canal Greenway – €200,000

o        Finalisation of the design, planning and preparation of tender documents for this section of the Royal Canal Route from Phibsboro to Ashtown – €100,000

o        Planning and design of cycle route on Royal Canal towpath, from 12th Lock to the county boundary with Kildare (including ‘deep sinking’ section) – €100,000

·        Blanchardstown Sustainable Transport improvements – €80,000

o        Design, planning and subsequent implementation of key elements such as pedestrian movement improvements (pedestrian crossings, footpath widening etc.), cycle network development, bus support measures.

·        Grove Road cycle route – €75,000

o        Design and planning of  cycle route from Blanchardstown to Diswellstown Road including approaches and linkages to surrounding areas

·        Ongar Cycle Network – €78,000

o        Completion of Cycle Network in Ongar-Castaheany area – Final Payments

Dublin City Council (DCC) has allocated €105,000 for road resurfacing/maintenance at:

·        Blackhorse Avenue (between junction with Springfield and no 321)

Most of these works will be done in the summer and autumn.

2017 Program of Works

Click on the link below to view the complete 2017 program of works. Highlighted in yellow are the areas within the Castleknock Ward. Draft Programme of Works 2017

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Programme of Works 2016

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