Graveyard for Dublin 15

I am very pleased at the recent progress that has been made to secure a new graveyard for the people of Dublin 15. This has been an ongoing source of anxiety for many people, particularly elderly people and their families whose wish has been that when the time comes, they will be able to be bury their loved ones within the locality. The following statement was released last week by the CEO of Fingal Co Council Paul Reid.

I’m conscious that the issue of locating a suitable site for a graveyard in the D15/Castleknock area has been pressing for some time.  I’m pleased to update that the Council has secured a commitment that should facilitate the development of a new graveyard at Kellystown, Dublin 15. Our Operations and Planning Departments will commence the next steps on this.  Planning and design of the graveyard will commence immediately and I will update members as this matter progresses.

I would like to thank the Chief Executive of Fingal Co Council Paul Reid for following through with his commitment to prioritise a graveyard for the Dublin 15 area. I would also like to thank the many local residents and clergy who have lobbied for many years on this issue. I would also like to particularly thank my colleague on the council, Councillor Eithne Loftus who has been working on this issue for many years. I would also like to remember the late Councillor Peggy Hamill who worked tirelessly on this subject.