Pride of Place a huge Success

I would like to congratulate the community of Blakestown and Mountview for their participation in this years¬†Pride of Place¬†competition. Entering under the “Urban Neighbourhood Category” the people of Lohunda, Sheepmore, Fortlawn, Whitechapel and Whitestown got behind the initiative by engaging in clean ups and working with local groups to demonstrate the best of what the community has to offer. On July the 29th, the judges were taken on a two hour tour of the area in which they saw first hand the amazing long term work that goes on in organisations ranging from the Blakestown Mountview Youth Initiative, St Peregrines Gaa Club and Daughters of charity to name a few. It was a pleasure to be involved in this project and I would not be surprised if when the winner is announced in November that there is some good news for the people of Blakestown and Mountview.